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WaveForm specializes in non-surgical vision optimization through individualized and highly customized contact lens technology and through an advanced objective eye exam process. Founded in 2004 as an intellectual property management company to license and develop non-surgical vision optimization applications, WaveForm is now an industry leader in developing refractive (wavefront) technology to optimize vision through improved spectacle and contact lens technology. Our extensive experience has led to strong relationships with market leaders all over the world, enabling WaveForm to serve eye care providers state-of-the-art optical solutions that greatly enhance patient care.

WaveForm  uses aberrometry to  quickly and accurately  optimize the eye exam process—with the flexibility to work with any aberrometer company and any free-form eyeglass manufacturing laboratory. WaveForm has also developed a patented fitting process enabling eyecare providers to uniquely provide and exactly position highly accurate wavefront-guided contact lenses on eyes by aligning the contact lens optics to each individuals  visual axis. The result is improved and consistent visual acuity under all lighting conditions.

WaveForm Investor Relations

WaveForm is a privately held company with opportunities for private investment. To find out more information on investing opportunities contact info@waveformlenses.com

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