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Utilizing commercially available aberrometry measurements, WaveForm technologies improve the patient experience when performing 21st century digital eye exam or provide vision correction solutions through free-form eyeglass lenses or wavefront guided contact lenses.

WaveForm’s Optimized Refraction System for advanced free-form eyeglass lenses and Wavefront-Guided Contact Lenses deliver innovation and differentiation for both emerging and established practices.

An industry leader with partners worldwide, WaveForm provides up-to-date details on our globally recognized wavefront based technology  in the eye care industry.

WaveForm fuses revolutionary and precise ocular measurements, with patented processing technology, giving patients the ultimate vision correction experience.

WaveForm specializes in non-surgical vision optimization through our advanced objective wavefront eye exam system and through individualized and highly customized wavefront-guided contact lens technology. After aberrometry was developed to enhance laser refractive surgery, WaveForm’s founders recognized this measuring technology’s confluence with manufacturing technology advancements. In response, they developed a state-of-the-art system that objectively and accurately examines eyes in substantially less time than traditional, subjective eye exams and innovatively:

  • Reproduces complex optical surfaces on our soft contact lenses
  • Generates free -form eyeglass lens prescriptions to tolerances as precise as 1/100th of a diopter

With the Optimized Wavefront Refraction (OWR) system, eye care professionals and their patients enjoy a frustration-free eye exam process—while saving time and cost, satisfying patients and boosting profit.